Profile of the Third Belgrade Gymnasium

The Third Belgrade Gymnasium was established by the Republic of Serbia as a secondary education school. The Gymnasium provides general education and upbringing, and lasts four years.

The school is attended by about 1,250 students divided into 42 classes. Subjects are taught in Serbian, except for bilingual classes, where subjects are taught in Serbian and French, i.e. in Serbian and Italian. The school follows a curriculum outlined in the Rulebook on the Curriculum for Gymnasiums (Official Gazette of RS, no. 88/17, 27/18 – other law, 10/19 and 6/20). There are two main branches: mathematics and physical sciences (4 classes), and social sciences and languages (6 classes). Two of humanities and languages classes in each grade receive education in Italian i.e. French. The third branch, computer science and informatics, was introduced in 2019 and enrols one class of students with a talent and special interest in IT.

The Third Belgrade Gymnasium is located in the heart of Belgrade, in the municipality of Vračar, at 15 Njegoševa Street. The school building was erected in 1906, and in 1964 it was declared a cultural monument due to its architectural and historical value. At the world exhibition in Paris in 1999, it was even voted the school with the most beautiful façade in the world.

Ever since it was founded in 1859, the Third Belgrade Gymnasium has been one of the most prestigious high schools in Serbia. The admission requirements are very high and only the top-performing students are admitted. Dedicated and well-qualified staff ensure that students enjoy the challenge of aiming higher and achieving their very best. In the four-year-long learning process, students gain self-confidence and leave the school equipped as independent learners, fully prepared for university studies and ready to take their place as responsible 21st-century citizens. The majority of them go on to become notable achievers and prominent experts in their respective fields. Many of the renowned doctors, scientists, lawyers, artists once sat in the classrooms of our Gymnasium.


The Third Belgrade Gymnasium nurtures international cooperation with schools, embassies and cultural centers through various projects and thus prepares students for challenges outside the classroom. The quality of our education and the support we provide to our students is paramount to us. Every school year, the students of the Third Belgrade Gymnasium top the ranking lists at both national and international competitions and festivals in various fields.

What also sets the Third Belgrade Gymnasium apart are activities aimed at enhancing students’ entrepreneurial skills such as annual events Gimnazijada – a sports competition of Belgrade gymnasiums, and the Film Festival.

Our school has received numerous awards and recognitions. In 2020, on the occasion of its 160th anniversary, it was awarded the Sretenje Order of the second degree for special merits for the Republic of Serbia and its citizens and the results achieved in education.